Fishing – Bale Mountains National Park 3 Days

Fishing - Bale Mountains

Fishing – Bale Mountains National Park 3 Days

Fishing – Bale Mountains National Park 3 Days

The Bale Mountains National Park is   a fine place for the anglers.  Fishing in an amazing River stream in the Bale Mountains Park is fascinating.

 The Danka, the Web and the Shaya Rivers are the, main fishing sites of the Park.

 How to make Fishing

  1. Buy ticket from Dinsho, the Park’s Head office
  2. Accompanying fishing guide from Dinsho
  3. Fishing 5 Fish per fishing rod, per day is possible
  4. 15 fish per trip and a maximum weight or size limit of 225 gram and 25 cm respectively.
  5. Fishing care should be taken to release all surplus or unwanted fish unharmed.
  6. The fish should be caught with a rod and line using fishing lure
  7. The use of nets, explosives, poisons (Biribira) or traps is strictly forbidden
  8. The lengths and weights, sex, and reproductive conditions of all fish (including all those returned to the river) should, where possible, be recorded and reported to the park ecological monitoring office.
  9.  This will enable monitoring of the population and modification of the regulations as necessary.
  10.  All information should be provided to the fishing guide at the end of each day’s fishing
  11. Much better to bring all fishing gears for it is not yet possible to hire or get finest gears locally


Program: Fishing and Wildlife

Tour Code:  Fishing + 01

Duration: 2Nights (3 Days)

Transportation: 4WD Drive or Goba Airport

Tour starts: Addis Ababa

Tour ends: Addis Ababa

Day1, 2:  Fly or Drive to Goba Airport and Fishing

Drive to Dinsho Forest, the park's head office   to collect entrance ticket and permission to fish.

Then drive to Web River, Shaya River and Danka stream. Fishing Web River, Shaya River and Danka stream Web River, Shaya River and Danka stream and Overnight – Tented Camp – near fishing sites- Bale Goba or Hotel at Bale Goba or in Robe town.

Day3: Bale Goba – Addis Ababa  

Fly or drive back to Addis Ababa (about 440km asphalt Road). Lunch on the way if drive. Transfer to Bole Airport for departure in the evening   (End of the trip)

This itinerary can be amended as per request

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