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  1. Ethiopia is found at the Horn of Africa, bordering by Eritrea to the north, Sudan to the west, Kenya to the south, Somalia to the east and Djibouti to the northeast.
  2. Estimated total area of the country is 1,100,000 km² with an estimated population of over 110,000,000.(Estimated in 2018)
  3. Ethiopia,formerly called Sheba/Saba (during Queen Makeda, known as Queen of Sheba), Land of Habesha, and Abyssinia, is one of the oldest countries in the world.
  4. It is largely believed that Ethiopia was the land of the legendary Queen of Sheba mentioned in the Bible.
  5. Its capital is Addis Ababa.
  6. The first African Country : inspired, preached, guided and consolidated by the revealing power of the Holy Spirit to accept Christianity in early first Century   was Ethiopia (see Bible at  Acts 8:26-39). In the 4th century; Christianity became official religion of Ethiopia.
  7. Ethiopia is the land of a mythical medieval Christian priest-king of Prester John.
  8. The only African country that communicates with its own languages & writes in its own alphabets is Ethiopia.
  9. It is the origin of the coffee bean.
  10. The only African country born in freedom, fought furiously against invaders and remained independent is Ethiopia.
  11. The first African country recognized as a member in 1923 by League of Nations, later United Nations is Ethiopia.
  12. An African country that has the most number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites is Ethiopia.
  13. Ethiopia is a country for diversified tourist destinations.
  14. Now; Ethiopia has live history through Ethiopian Orthodox Religion beliefs, extraordinary churches, architectures, and murals, archaeological findings, variety, extremes, uniqueness, freedom, indigenous colorful cultures, legends, natural beauty and much more.

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