Entoto Park, Superb Trekking Spot

Entoto Park

Entoto Park, Superb Trekking Spot

Entoto Park, Superb Trekking Spot

Entoto Park (planned, supervised and inaugurated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in October, 2020); is located on the edge of Northern Addis Ababa City, on the highest altitude, 3300m above sea level.

Weekend: It is the best place to trek, enjoy with family and friends, even to have an overnight at Kuriftu Lodge.  There are many brand café and restaurants in the Park.

The forest (Eucalyptus tree by large) is very Clean with fresh air, certainly the lung of Addis Ababa that transfer oxygen into the blood to all dwellers.

Trekking: Entoto Park is the finest place to rehearse trekking if anyone has a plan to go to Simien Mountains or to other Trekking heights in Ethiopia.  It is here where Ethiopian Athletes rehearse their race to run before they go to final race track in the World.

Visit Entoto Park

Program: Addis Ababa City tour
Tour Code: Addis 03
Duration: Half Day
Transportation: Land

Accessible along with a day trip of Entoto Maryam (Emperor MenelikII Palace before Addis Ababa).

Itinerary can be amended upon request

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