Danakil Depression

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Danakil Depression

Danakil Depression, Dalol Depression, Afar Triangle

Danakil Depression:, also written as Dalol Depression or The Afar Triangle is the remotest, lowest and hottest place in the Great Rift Valley system. It is the most astonishing place, nowhere in the World but in Ethiopia – at north –east (Ethiopian Afar Region.) Tourists and  I, Misganaw Alelign – Tour Operator and professional English and French Guide for Action Tours said together, at our  presence physically there: “ This is  the place where the earth breaths as we do!”  Danakil Depression is an extraordinary event – no word, picture or filming equitable to explain about Danakil Depression. The only means to witness about it is being there physically!  Anybody who has physical fitness to tolerate the unfriendly climate has to be recommended to explore the life time memory of the Danakil depression’s miraculous event. Staffs of Action Tours have visited the never regrettable site – Danakil Depression and its surroundings repeatedly! Action Tours – Ethiopia is looking forward to take you there as your agent in Ethiopia.

Despite high temperature, Danakil Depression can be visited at any time. Temperature is lower in Danakil Depression during November to March.

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