Ali Dege wildlife Reserve Plains

Awash National Park

Ali Dege wildlife Reserve Plains

Ali Dege – Wildlife Reserve Plains ,Also known as Alle Deghe

Contiguous with Awash National Park, Ali Dege – Wildlife Reserve Plains , also known as Alle Deghe is  located 265 kilometers east of Addis Ababa, in central-eastern Ethiopia, north-east of Oromia, and bordered in the south by the Awash River, and in the north by parts of the Afar Region and the Danakil Depression.

The Ali Dege Wildlife Reserve covers some 1,800 square kilometers, includes in the main grasslands, wooded rises and mountains to the south. In terms of wildlife, the reserve is one of Ethiopia’s most rewarding destinations, with lion, cheetah, Somali wild ass (very rarely), Beisa oryx, Soemmerring’s gazelle, spotted hyena, Northern gerenuk and Grevy’s zebra. As with Awash National Park, the birdlife’s fantastic, and includes Somali ostrich, Arabian bustard, North carmine bee eater, Abyssinian roller and, even, Scissor-tailed kite.

In terms of the area’s indigenous peoples, the Awash and Ali Dege Plains borders the lands of three key pastoral tribes: the agriculturalist Kereru (along the western flanks), the Somali Issa (east) and the Afar (north). Tour Programs 

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